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Novatek, based on his dynamic team and international experience, has successfully completed several projects in Turkey and abroad and is proud to earn his present position in the electromechanical sector.

Novatek, based on his dynamic team and international experience, has been successful in projects from Syberia to Africa and Balkan’s where opposite natural, cultural and administrative conditions exist and different norms and standards are asked. Novatek has anticipated modern management mentality and successfully turned to practice.
In order to have more efficient communication between head office and site offices at different locations, the communication infrastructure has been developed. With this computer based infrastructure the work processes can be monitored and controlled to avoid failures before they occur.

Novatek also, by being the pioneer of customer satisfaction in his sector, has ISO 9001:2000 certificate for the last five years and has combined the concept of customer satisfaction with the total quality concept and executed this at the site applications.
The concept of Health and Safety has been emplaced in Novatek by the internal and external trainings. Health and Safety concept for Novatek is not only a set of rules and procedures but is the essential.

As Novatek has proved with his performance up to today, Novatek will be, with the modern management mentality and vision, a reliable business partner in the future.
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