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Originally, having a start in the business life in the electrical sector, Novatek under changing conditions has decided to grow his activities in the mechanical, civil and operation and maintenance fields and set the necessary steps.

Today, Novatek is in the position to prepare complex electromechanical offer packages and to design and execute the project successfully with his experienced team. Novatek has the necessary background for the design and execution.

In the various projects all around the world, Novatek has successfully applied and gained experience in the local and international standards such as American NFPA, NEC, Europe IEC, Russia GOST Code.

Novatek is also taking in consideration the energy efficiency which is the most important priority of today’s world agenda. To minimize the energy demands and realize the buildings with the environment friendly concept and certified as Green Building, Novatek works together with the investor at the design and execution stage. To achieve this, a certification system which is proving that the building is environment friendly “The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)” is put in use.

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